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Onix really helped with development and supplemented our internal team. We had expertise and so did Onix, which helped get things done faster than we could have on our own.

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A Team of Field Sales Professionals Representing Global Brands

Sales Partnerships is the most-awarded B2B field sales and marketing outsourcing organization in North America. The company partners with respected brands to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical market challenges and accelerate revenue. Sales Partnerships has developed a customized approach that combines deep insights into territory and customer data and the dynamics of companies and markets, all with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that their clients achieve sustainable revenue and market growth goals.

Sales Partnerships’ customized approach uses tech-enabled data insights to ensure that it achieves sustainable revenue and market growth goals for their customers. Sales Partnerships’ field sales teams are used across the United States for product launches, customer acquisition and engagement campaigns and customer retention efforts. Field reps conduct door-to-door field sales and office visits by traveling to locations, including retail, salons, restaurants, manufacturing and healthcare offices. Sales reps are trained to focus the message on the one client whom they represent at that specific time.

Field Teams Need To Target Prospects Efficiently

Sales Partnerships strives to make its field reps as effective as possible. The main challenge with its existing solution was that reps were targeting their visits to prospects based on past successes and areas in which they were accustomed to seeing results.

As  Vice President of Information Systems Orion Wiseman put it, “This was not the most productive use of their time. We began to look for a cluster-based solution, knowing it would be more effective than the existing single point solution.”

Google Maps and a Dynamic Integration into Existing Tools

Sales Partnerships opted to build its own territory mapping solution into its existing custom CRM solution. Leadership wanted to make reps as efficient as possible, “keeping them busy for eight hours a day, minimizing time spent in the car,” Wiseman said.

While they also considered solutions such as Here, Bing and Open Street Maps, Sales Partnerships found the Google Maps Platform data set to be the most robust. Its leaders felt the other solutions weren’t as compelling or as updated. It was a plus that Google Maps Platform delivered street level views and shortest distance route options.

Sales Partnerships moved from open source tools to leveraging the QGIS platform and geometry tools in Microsoft SQL. It found adoption of Google Maps Platform and CARTO to be “very easy compared to some other platforms.” Wiseman reports.

“Maps API was easy to deploy. We had geospatial expertise in-house, and no training was needed. We were comfortable working with it — and Google’s documentation is robust," he said.

Their internal design studio team creates territory targets. Google Maps Platform allows for back-end research to be easily visualized by reps, allowing them to focus upon closing deals rather than figuring out where they need to go to find those deals.

Sales Partnerships had used other mapping products in the past, but they weren’t integrated into the company’s other tools. Control objects in Google Maps allow for dynamic integration into associated systems. Also, because the CRM mapping application is integrated back into the company’s systems, management can use the data to improve upon sales reps’ efforts as needed.

“Onix really helped with development and supplemented our internal team. We had expertise and so did Onix, which helped get things done more quickly than we could have on our own," Wiseman said. "The team helped us move our data from the CARTO tiling system to the Google Maps API."

Productivity Increases and a Laser Focus on Account Management

In an organization where reps are very distributed and don’t interact with a direct manager on a daily basis, implementing Google Maps Platform has helped to boost productivity. Now featuring built-in Google Maps Platform, the CRM system “provides structure to a distributed workforce,” said Mr. Wiseman.

It’s now easier to direct reps to areas of density rather than have them guessing or picking them on their own. The system steers reps to the accounts and areas they need to visit.

“The power of the platform is the ability to integrate it with other systems. It is a key tool for the company,” Wiseman noted.

“As a sales director, these tools help me to easily train reps on how to build efficiencies into their day and also helps me monitor performance so that I can create better coaching,” said Brian Duxbury, sales director for Sales Partnerships. “Even when I’m not there, I still know how a rep spends each day, where he or she visits and how much time is spent with each prospect. It’s something that gives our clients peace of mind, and they appreciate the transparency.”

Further, because data comes right from the field, clients can use this data to monitor customer feedback and make product development decisions.

Sales Partnerships Reported the Following Results After Implementation:

  • The team increased efficiency by 54 percent over 18 months
  • Generated 116 percent ROI for the total cost of the program
  • Google Maps and territory mapping resulted in over $1 billion in incremental revenue for the client

Sales Partnerships, Inc. leverages a variety of Google technologies; not only Google Maps, but also G Suite for collaboration and email along with Google Cloud Platform to store data and deploy their applications.

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