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    Whirlpool Goes Google to Foster Innovation Among Global Employees

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    Background: Global Manufacturer Needs to be Nimble

    Whirlpool is more than 100 years old, with 100,000 employees worldwide. The company is the biggest home appliance manufacturer in the world.

    The Challenge: Dated Office Tools and Work Environment

    Whirlpool realized it needed to become more nimble and foster innovation to keep up with the competition. Their office tools and work environment were dated. Executives wanted to undertake a culture change that would encourage collaboration and innovation among employees and teams.

    The Solution: Tools That Foster Innovation

    Whirlpool made many changes to make their vision for the new work environment a reality. They implemented a work-from-anywhere policy. They switched to G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work), which lead to increased productivity. They installed Chromebox for Meetings and took advantage of Google Hangouts, making communication easier among teams spread across the globe. They redesigned workspaces. In short, Whirlpool made it easier for teams to work together and innovate.

    Conclusion: Culture Shifts to Winning Workplace

    Onix was delighted to work with Whirlpool on their G Suite migration and deployment. To learn more about Whirlpool’s winning workplace culture and how they use G Suite to boost productivity and encourage teamwork, check out this video:

    whirlpool goes Google to foster innovation





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