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Unlock Your Data's Potential with Onix

In order to be successful with data & analytics technology, organizations are migrating and modernizing their existing analytics workloads at scale in the cloud.

Onix Analytics Modernization (OAM) is our unique factory-based approach to migration and modernization. The journey starts with a Cloud Readiness Assessment to build your data foundation. After the assessment, we will provide you with a value-based recommendation and also help leverage AI/ML and other advanced analytics tools to drive insights from your data for data-prescribed decisions. Organizations that use Onix’s prescriptive guidance and factory approach to migration achieve business outcomes significantly faster and with lower TCO.

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“Boards of Directors and CEOs believe data and analytics is a game-changing technology to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis and place it as their No. 1 priority for 2021.”

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Why Modernize with Onix?

When organizations modernize their workloads onto the cloud, they see faster results when it comes to cost savings, innovation initiatives, and the ability to release applications more frequently, along with high performance and better resource coordination.



Increased Agility

Break free from legacy technologies and architectures. Reduce implementation risk. 



Performance & Scale

Improve service levels & reduce time and effort in managing infrastructure.



Innovation & Speed

Innovate faster and Realize targeted business outcomes.



Reduce Cost

Reduce licensing costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Featured Case Study

Onix Helps a Large Public University Drive Student Engagement

This public university was seeking to increase student outreach and engagement by creating an online student engagement portal accessible to all its students across the world, both satellite and online campuses, through a web or mobile application as they weren't enjoying the community and culture found at the main campus location.

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Onix customers find the OAM program particularly beneficial for the following use cases:

Data center migration

You are in the midst of a business transformation, migrating to the cloud and closing data centers. This offering allows you to avoid the cost of license renewals and get out of the business of maintaining data centers.

Current platform / infrastructure is reaching end-of-life

Your existing infrastructure is going out of support (e.g. IBM Netezza, Teradata, Oracle Exadata) and you need to
move to a new platform to avoid the high cost of support contracts.

Current platform renewal

You are approaching a renewal cycle with your existing data warehouse solution and want to use this as an opportunity to modernize and reduce costs.

New initiatives and projects

You have a new initiative that will generate significant volumes of historical and transactional data, or you are merging multiple datasets for analysis (for example, a new transactional system such as eCommerce).

 Demand, volume, and complexity exceed capacity

You are experiencing changes in data volume, velocity, and/or variety, and need to be able to scale to organize, process, and visualize your data for informed decision making.

The Onix Analytics Modernization Approach

Onix works with businesses at every stage of the modernization journey – from assessing business needs to planning and executing the migration and deliver proven tools, methodologies, and expertise that ensure an accelerated, hassle-free migration to the cloud. The OAM program is built on a proven three-phased customer journey to lead customers from the mobilization phase to accelerate cloud adoption, create a migration plan & migrate to the cloud in just weeks!




Create a case for change




Mobilization through experiences


Migrate & Modernize

Accelerate migration at scale