Amazon WorkSpaces

Desktop Access: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

With the responsive Amazon WorkSpaces Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, it’s easy to support a remote-first workforce, even if you’re in an on-prem environment.

Managed and secure, this virtual desktop allows you to provision Windows and Linux desktops for workers using any supported device — desktop, mobile and web — from anywhere in the world. 

Amazon WorkSpaces offers . . .


AWS does the heavy lifting when it comes to your managed virtual desktop environment, providing a fully managed service that delivers a high-quality, portable desktop and apps to users.

Custom Bundles

Select from different hardware and software options to create customized desktops for the number of WorkSpaces you need.

Easy Provisioning

All you need to do is select your bundles and the number of WorkSpaces to quickly get up and running in a secure, encrypted environment.

Persistent Storage

Amazon WorkSpaces provides persistent, solid-state storage (SSD) that’s backed-up to Amazon S3 on a regular basis. Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% durability of objects to ensure your data is accessible.

Bring Your Own Licenses

Use your existing Windows 10 license and run it on dedicated physical hardware and save on costs with discounted AWS rates.

Simplified Desktop Delivery

Using Amazon WorkSpaces means less hardware inventory to manage, including tasks related to managing the physical desktop lifecycle.

Secure Data

Because Amazon WorkSpaces is deployed within an Amazon Private Network (VPC) in the Amazon Cloud, each user gets access to persistent, encrypted storage volumes without anything stored directly to the local device. This ensures improved user data security and reduces overall risk surface area.

Cost Reductions

When you deploy Amazon WorkSpaces and provide your employees with on-demand desktop services, you won’t need to purchase as many desktop or laptop resources as you previously did. Your Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop includes compute, memory and storage resources to meet different performance needs. You also have the ability to pay for monthly “always-on” usage or hourly, just for the times when users are logged into the platform.

Scalable Usage

As your workforce changes, you can rapidly provision and de-provision your desktops as often as needed.
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How Do Organizations Use Amazon WorkSpaces

Whether you have an entirely remote workforce, employees who travel frequently or have multiple people using your hardware, Amazon WorkSpaces can solve your computing challenges for such use cases as...

“Bring-Your-Own-Device” Policies

BYOD initiatives are gaining traction, and virtual desktops like Amazon WorkSpaces ensure that employees have easy, secure access to their data and apps across a large range of devices. These include Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, iOS devices, Android devices, Kindle Fires and Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Work-From-Anywhere Environments

As the base of remote/mobile workers grows, IT departments need to find fast, reliable ways to keep these employees connected to their apps and data from anywhere on any device. Amazon WorkSpaces delivers a cloud-accessible desktop to make this happen.

Software Testing and Development

Amazon WorkSpace delivers a secure, high-performance desktop for software developers and test teams without the need for over-provisioned physical hardware. It can include all of the tools developers need to build apps without leaving source code on their devices.

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