Amazon Kendra

Break Free from Antiquated Enterprise Search

Enterprise search has evolved. Today workers need to find things quickly and want to search for information in a way that is similar to how they talk.

Are you and your team tired of using a search tool that has low accuracy, is too complex, has high lock-in and delivers stale search results? It’s time to break free!

Unstructured data is no match for Amazon Kendra. Kendra is designed to make it easy for your company to implement great search solutions and for your employees to get the most relevant answers to their questions...quickly.

Amazon Kendra uses suggested answers to provide you with an accurate response to your natural language query (asking a question as if you are speaking) without requiring you to click open the file. This saves countless hours and allows you to operate at the speed of business. 

The time has come for you to upgrade your enterprise search tool to an easier, faster and more accurate experience. Onix is the partner you need to make it happen.

Amazon Kendra Changes the Enterprise Search Game

Natural Language Questions

Kendra uses deep learning models to understand queries in natural language. That means that instead of trying to guess the file name where you think the answers to your question are stored, you can ask your question as if you were interacting with a co-worker. 

Bring All of Your Data Together

Whether your data is in Confluence, Salesforce, SharePoint, your website or Amazon S3 buckets - all of this data can be brought together with just a few clicks

Continually Improving Results (Coming Soon)

Every time your users interact with answers from Kendra, the results are fine-tuned. That means when you choose to click on one response over another, or if you upvote a certain response, that data is fed back into optimizing future results.

Suggested Answers

Why click into several files to find the answer to your question? With suggested answers, Kendra provides the answer to your question, not just a link to a file.

Relevance Tuning

Do you know that your users would prefer to see the latest documents? Or maybe one data source is the most reputable. You have the control to make all of these optimizations and more.

More Features on the Way

Additional connectors, incremental learning, query auto-complete and analytics are all on the way. This means Kendra will not only fit your needs today, but it also will evolve and grow right along with your organization and its search needs.
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Why Onix is the Kendra Partner You Need

With nearly 20 years of enterprise search experience and hundreds of happy search customers, Onix is the premier partner to guide you on your Kendra journey. We have a proven process to move you from identifying the business problems you are looking to solve - to creating and executing your migration plan.

Award-Winning Search Partner

Onix has been delighting hundreds of customers in the search space for nearly two decades and has earned six prestigious enterprise search awards. We are honored to be participating in the launch of the Amazon Kendra service alongside AWS.

Customized Consulting & Planning

A successful enterprise search implementation starts with a solid strategy and project plan. With 1:1 consulting and planning, Onix will set your Kendra implementation up for success. Our growing team of 10 Certified Deployment Engineers will operate as an extension of your staff. 

24/7/365 U.S.-Based Service

The Onix team will be with you well beyond your implementation. Our U.S.-based Search Team is ready to support and service your account every day of the year. Our customer satisfaction rating is 98%. 

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Onix Achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status

Onix has been recognized by AWS for gaining the vital certifications and accreditation across its team of cloud architects and engineers, driving AWS solutions deployments — and delivering outstanding client experiences through digital transformation across the AWS cloud portfolio of cloud architecture solutions.

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